HTML Resource Page

Below are a couple of programs which I have found extremely helpful:

Good Text Editing Programs:
Kankowski Edit -- a phenomenal text editor with easy macro capabilities, which is a very hard to find feature (this program is also generally hard to find, so Iím providing a direct link to the program.)
Metapad -- also a very good text editor

Good WYSIWYG HTML Editors:
Netscape Composer -- the link is to download version 4.8 as it does not use style or CSS, which I only recommend if youíve got a really huge site. Otherwise just stay away from style sheets or only use in-text style. Composer is the editor that is included with the Netscape Browser.

Good HTML Viewers but be sure to test your pages in all major browers to be sure that it will display relatively correctly to everyone:
Off by One Webbrower -- a very small footprint browser that specifically displays pages using HTML 3.2.
Firefox -- a generally very good browser overall.

Good Webservers for testing your pages before you put them up on the web, both are super easy to set up:
Uniserver -- a great server for testing your html pages if they use PHP or MySQL
Babyweb -- a great server for testing your html pages if they use ASP

Good FTP Programs:
WinSCP -- one of the best SFTP and FTP programs out there.
FTP Explorer -- this is a simple drag and drop program for an FTP connection to your server. (Itís an old program, so Iím providing a direct link to this older, freeware/shareware version of this program.)

These programs are provided as merely suggestions. Use at your your own risk.