Audio from the Exmormon Conference, Oct. 19-21, 2012

Below are audio mp3s of the 2012 Exmormon Conference. The audio was pulled from the live video streams. Other audio may be available through I’ve edited them a tiny bit, especially cutting some clips in the open mic (for privacy) and some commercial interruptions during the two Saturday morning sessions (I spaced out and didn’t implement a workaround to block Ustream commecials – long story). As the foundation makes audio and video available, those two sessions should generally be available without interruption. Other than that, the other presentations below are in their entirety.

To save and listen to them to your own computer, right click on the links and select “Save Link As”.

Friday Night:
Open Mic

Tom Donofrio - “Book of Mormon Tories, Part Deux: Colonial Influences in the Book of Mormon”
Sue Emmett - “Zion in the White House? -- Creeping Fundamentalist and Dominionist Influence in Our Most Treasured U.S. Institutions”
Grant Palmer - “My Ah-Ha Moments in Researching Mormon History”
Lori Fazzino - “Becoming Unsaved: The Road to Deconversion and Life Afterwards”
Wade Wilson (Raptor Jesus) - “Post Traumatic Mission Disorder: How to Keep Your ‘Two Best Years’ from Ruining the Rest of Your Life”

Sunday Morning:
Panel Discussion - “You Wanted to Ask What?”

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